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on 21st of march we released the second album of aodioiboa….

you can listen to it on our soundcloud-page and buy it here in the shop…

we have a new labeldj… WHACKYWHACK


we have a new dj in our gang… whackywhack from izmir/turkey…. welcome onboard…!



hello and welcome on our new website,

although i really love the old fancy flashbased website,
evolution does not stop …  and in recent years with more and more
mobile internet-devices showing up, the use of flash for
building entire websites became a little stupid…
also implementing a shop-system, so people would be able to buy our
music, was quite difficult for me as a non-programmer.
and so … in case of the website, functionality won over design.
now we have a working shop, where you can buy our music, if you like it..
also now the site is connected to soundcloud, so that on each artistpage you
can listen to music of the artist, you are interested in.
the site still needs little improvements here and there, but is completely working…
next things to implement will be an gigcalendar, so people can see, on which parties
they can listen to our music…
for now, enjoy your time, while cruising this site…